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Little Smart Spy Camera

Modern instruments, devices manufactured smaller and smaller, and sometimes it is very difficult the first time to say that this little thing – a video – camera or some – some other spy gear, which is the most unobtrusive way are watching your every move.

Suggests that men – jealous, who noticed that their beloved began to dress a little brighter and without measure splash of perfume before going out, see the novelty is quite a useful thing. So men should be in your arsenal, add a wireless camera that can freely connect to «Wi-Fi» – «£ 79.99 Smart-i Wireless Spy Camera».

Little Spy Camera Smart-i

You may ask: so the camera has a small size? The camera, in fact, nothing more than a simple walnut, but it has good features to shoot video, but the very resolution of the camera is 640 x 480 pixels (VGA). Image of the video will be sent to you in the direct mode, on «Mac», «iPhone», «PC», or any other device that works on the basis of «Android». Filmed material also remain in the memory of relieving device, and you do not even need to buy additional «SD» – cards.

When fully charged, the «Smart-i Wireless Spy Camera», the camera can shoot for two hours, when, what can burn, when poor lighting conditions and from a distance up to 100 m. When installing the camera, be sure that the room (room) temperature does not drop below 10 ° C, and does not rise above 50° C, otherwise the camera will cause interference. This amazing gadget can be useful both for you and for your family, loved ones and acquaintances friends.