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Spy gadgets from the NSA

Among the documents published by Edward Snowden, a former CIA and National Security Agency, have been found materials describing some details of the technology used by the NSA spying. List of software and hardware is designed as a small catalog. Only forty-eight pages marked “classified” and “top secret”, which gives a brief description of a technology for the surveillance.

This list is not exhaustive. Presented technology associated with obtaining access to the hidden computers and networks, as well as methods and devices electronic intelligence related to mobile communications and surveillance equipment. In this article I will talk about these methods of espionage, then there will be four dozen slides (carefully, traffic).

“Original” documents describing spyware technician hidden under the spoilers. Names technologies designated by capital letters, but not for all these technologies in the slide text description available. Hardware tab is hidden technical device, a kind of beetle, which allows access to the target, or information about it. Under the program laying understood hidden programs that allow access to the target program method, such as using Trojan horses and backdoors.


GINSU – technique allows to recover soft tab called KONGUR on the target system with the hardware tab BULLDOZZER on PCI-bus. For example, when you upgrade or reinstall the operating system on the target computer. These technologies are designed to provide remote access to a computer running Windows 9x on to Vista.

IRATEMONK allows for the presence of software to spy on desktop and laptop computers by using the tabs in the firmware of the hard drive, which allows you to get the possibility of execution of the code by replacing the MBR. The method works on different disks Western Digital, Seagate, Maxtor and Samsung. Because file systems are supported by FAT, NTFS, EXT3 and UFS. RAID systems are not supported. After the introduction of IRATEMONK will launch its functional part every time you turn the target computer.

SWAP allows the presence of spy software by using the motherboard BIOS and the HPA area of ​​the hard disk by the execution of the code to run the operating system. This tab allows you to gain remote access to different operating systems (Windows, FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris) c different file systems (FAT32, NTFS, EXT2, EXT3, UFS 1.0). To install using two tools: ARKSTREAM reflash the BIOS, TWISTEDKILT writes SWAP HPA area of ​​the disc and its functional part.